being of the same size as an original

a life-size sculpture

Syn: ↑life-size, ↑lifesize, ↑life-sized
Similar to: ↑large, ↑big

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full-size «FUL SYZ», adjective.
1. of full size; full-grown: »

When he was small he was very cute, but now that he had become a full-size bulldog, we didn't think he was so cute.

2. = full-length (def. 1): (Cf.full-length) »

a full-size mirror.

3. = full-scale (def. 2): (Cf.full-scale) »

a full-size house, a full-size working nuclear reactor.

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1) of normal size for its type

she was still a puppy, not yet full-size

(of a bed) having the dimensions suitable for two people, specifically 54 inches by 75 inches
2) enlarged

click on any item to see a full-size picture. (Alsofull-sized.)

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/ˈfʊlˌsaız/ adj
1 : having the same size as the original :full-scale

a full-size model

2 US, of a bed : having a size of 54 inches by 75 inches (about 1.4 by 1.9 meters) — compare king-size, queen-size, twin-size

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ˌfull-ˈsize [full-size] (also ˌfull-ˈsized) adjective usually before noun
not made smaller; of the usual size

a full-size model

a full-size snooker table

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